Book your holiday, birthday or office party at Full Circle Bar and let the good times roll!

Email john for party and rolling packages. Kid’s parties available during the day!

Brewskee-Ball has created many original games and events over the years and we are excited to incorporate them all at Full Circle Bar. Stay tuned for a complete event schedule, but here are some fun things to look forward to, a few modern ways to play a classic game!

The First-Ever National Skee-Ball League
on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday
Next Skeeson Begins June 15, 2015
Registration Open until July 1!!
or at


Brewskee-Ball National Championship (BBNC)
For The Love of The Lane!

it’s a ROLL-OFF!
A citywide open Brewskee-Ball tournament, every Sunday night!

The “NEW National Pastime”, combining two iconic American games.

900 PTZ
The most dynamic and challenging Brewskee-Ball game, testing a roller’s focus, consistency and versatility.

Think Caskeeno Royale! It involves both the roller and the crowd at the same time, creating an intimate and exuberant environment around the lanes.

Race to 108
The first-ever “Brewskee-Ball Board Game”.

Also referred to as “171” and “The Rolling Range”, Skeeathlon features the three most glorified point-pockets on the board.

Third & Long
He…could…roll…all…the…way! Brewskee-Ball’s take on football.

Roll High. Score Low. It’s Brewskee-Ball golf.

Balloon Animal Night
Learn how to make balloon animals at the bar!

B.Y.O.P (Bring Your Own Pinata)
I’d hit that!

Cornhole Combat
Bags Away!


MUNI GOLF: Urban Putting League

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