Cage Against The Machine 300The guys that reinvented skee-ball as a bar game and turned the boardwalk amusement into a bona fide sport with Brewskee-Ball are thrilled to present Full Circle Bar.

Brewskee-Ball is the first-ever competitive skee-ball league and Full Circle Bar is its national home.

Full Circle Bar will host Brewskee-Ball leagues, tournaments, game nights, special events, parties and more. The best skee-ball players in the country and historic Brewskee-Ball moments will be enshrined here. It’s a local NYC bar that celebrates a classic game where good friends can enjoy good beer and let the good times roll.

360Why “Full Circle” Bar? Well, the phrase Full Circle was the first original Brewskee-Ball league term, referring to when a roller sinks all nine balls into the 40 point-pocket for a total frame score of 360. With the opening of this bar and national home, the league has truly come Full Circle since it’s inception in 2005.

Join the Brewskee-Ball league at Full Circle Bar!

Join a Brewskee-Ball league in another city!

Brewskee-Ball National Championship!

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